Do you have an adolescent or young adult child abusing marijuana, alcohol, cocaine or pills? Are you concerned that their behavior may result in serious consequences for them or others? Are you unsure whether the behavior is “typical” for their age or whether it just part of a phase in their development? For parents and loved ones these are common questions and concerns. Do you feel helpless and powerless over the situation? Do you feel as if you spend the majority of your time caring for others and have little time for yourself and your own health?


If you are unsure whether your loved one truly has a drug problem or if you suspect they have a problem, but aren’t sure whether they need professional help, the FIRST step is to seek an evaluation. An evaluation will help determine the presence of a problem, the nature and degree of that problem, and options regarding the next steps in treatment of that problem. If the issue is substance abuse, alcoholism or addiction you want a trained professional with specific expertise in these areas.