Substance abuse is one of the most common problems people experience in modern society. Whether it is legal or illegal drugs being consumed the result is the same: consequences related to the use of the substance and difficulty with quitting or reducing the amount and frequency  of use. Often it is hard for people to even identify whether they have a problem and whether they should do something about it.  


That's where I come in..  I will help you clarify whether a problem may be present and what you can do to address it. There is no greater feeling than confronting a personal problem or struggle and then surmounting it to the point of victory! Addressing the problem of substance abuse requires lifestyle changes that are difficult to make. Those changes however, can be made. There is hope. 

I have personally celebrated 20 years of recovery this past April 2020. Hence my experience with this problem is multifaceted. I will understand you. The road to your healing has already been paved and trodden. Lets get it done.